Drulenium at Drupal NYC Meetup - February 3rd 2016

Below is the description from the meetup post http://www.meetup.com/drupalnyc/events/228207132/

Visual Regression Testing and Drupal by Nikhil Dubbaka 

Breaking is easy, testing is hard. Small, unexpected front-end changes are tough to spot manually and can be a signal for larger problems. Rapid development cycles, large page counts and developer fatigue can make it difficult to catch even visually obvious mistakes before they go live. Enter Drulenium(Drupal + Selenium): the automated process of capturing, tracking, and analyzing screenshots to catch unexpected changes as they happen. This talk will focus on 3 key topics: 1) What is Visual testing, 2) Drulenium 3) hands-on demos. We will describe a serverless solution that will help Drupal community to adopt testing without huge efforts or expensive resources allocation. 

Nikhil Dubbaka worked as Drupal lead at edX (https://www.edx.org/) in Boston. He recently moved to NYC and actively looking for opportunities. He goes by TechNikh on Drupal.org and Twitter.

Presentation slides: Slides.pdf