How to install with BrowserStack

  1. Download & enable
  2. Download php-webdriver from (Zip file:
  3. Extract into sites/all/libraries and rename the folder to selenium_webdriver so that the file __init__.php exists at sites/all/libraries/selenium_webdriver/lib/__init__.php
  4. After installing & enabling the Drulenium module, Go to /admin/structure/drulenium/settings/browserstack
  5. Enter your BrowserStack user name & access key & click the Save button. ( You will get the access key from )
  6. Pick & Save the browser & version you want to use for testing on that page.
  7. Go to /admin/structure/drulenium/settings/vr and choose Browser Stack server and appropriate image server.
  8. To start testing, Go to /admin/structure/drulenium/vr
  9. Configure and start taking snapshots