How To: Install Drulenium locally using Docker GUI


  1. Download Docker from
  2. After Installing, Open Kitematic 
  3. Create "New" container from Kitematic window 
  4. Search for Drulenium image 
  5. Click on the "Create" button
  6. Also search for "standalone-firefox" Image from Selenium & create it's container.   
  7. Start both the containers and Launch the Drulenium site from the "WEB PREVIEW" block. Login with username "admin" & password "admin"  
  8. Get the Selenium port number from "IP & PORTS" block of Selenium container. It's 32772 in this screenshot.
  9. Get your computer IP address. Example:
  10. Configure Drulenium module settings in the Drulenium docker container at http://..../drulenium/settings/local with selenium Host URL like http://[my-computer-ip-address]:[my-selenium-container-port-number-in-step-8]/wd/hub
  11. Choose the local server as Snapshot server at http://..../drulenium/settings
  12. Run the tests at http://..../drulenium/vr